Killdozer - Live, Victoria, BC, Canada, May 30th, 1994 - 480p SD

Before there was "grunge"...there was KILLDOZER.

Entire performance by Killdozer at Harpo's Caberet, Victoria BC Canada, May 30th 1994.

Sorry about the sound but it's from the crummy built-in mic on a Sony 8mm Handycam.

From Wikipedia: "Killdozer is regarded by many to have helped set the foundation for grunge music, despite that genre's association with the city of Seattle."

Set List (as seen at 37m:

Unbelievable (EMF cover)
Das Kapital
Hot 'N Tot
Knuckles The Dog (Who Helps People)
I'm Not Lisa
Cinnamon Girl

& enocores.

Bass & Vocals: Michael Gerald
Drums: Dan Hobson
Guitar: Paul Zagoras

Video is one shot, from one camera, no editing other than titles added, and FX added 'on the fly' from a Videonics MX-1 digital mixer.

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Posted: Dec. 28, 2020